Trick Or Treat for Hunger

Please help the Girl Scouts of Silver Sage Council collect canned food for Heartland Hunger. Girl Scouts from area troops will “Trick or Treat” local businesses on October 29th from 3:30 – 5:30 pm to collect non-perishable food items. Donation boxes will be set up in various downtown McCall locations starting the week of October 20st. Donations can also be dropped off at the McCall Public Library, now until the end of October.

 Participating Locations:



Idaho First Bank

Country Treasures

Hotel McCall

McCall Drug

Manchester Ice Centre

Huckleberry Garden

Century 21

McCall Public Library

City of McCall

 Remember the food bank needs our support 365 days a year not just around the holidays!

Grand Opening & News

opening invitation

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been in our new facility for a month already! People are still very excited and enthusiastic, especially the clients as they come through the choice pantry because it is welcoming, spacious and open. We’re happy to announce Our Grand Opening  on October 29thfrom  11:00 am to 1:00. Please come so that we can express our thanks to all who contributed to  making a dream a reality.

Volunteers now have more room to be with families and we can offer more variety with fresh foods, etc. Outside, there’s an overhang from the roof so that people are a little more protected from the weather, especially as it gets colder. One of the best things about our home now is the children’s area inside. Little ones can sit at a small table, choose books or color while their parents shop for their food. We’re envisioning a lot more for our Heartland Kids.


Recently the second grade at Barbara Morgan participated in a Peanut Butter, Jelly and cracker drive for the food bank. The school’s second graders have done a drive  for several years, but this year teacher Maggie Crawford walked to the food bank with the children – and moms- all pulling carts loaded with donations. Maggie said her goal is to provide a first hand experience for the children about hunger and local needs.


It’s not to soon to think about the holidays. Sign Ups for Thanksgiving baskets will begin in November 5 at HH&RC. Christmas Sign Ups are yet to be decided. This is the tenth  year that HH&RC provides food for traditional dinners for both holidays for families at the food bank and works with McCall fire & EMS for seniors. HH&RC is participating with  Les Schwab  through Idaho Food Bank for donations of turkeys from the community.

We’ve moved!


Heartand Hunger & Resource Center has moved to our beautiful new building. We are overjoyed and most   thankful to everyone who helped with the building, especially  our builder Marc, the businesses, contractors and workers who donated materials and gave of their time. It has been a year of community generosity for which there aren’t enough ways to say thank you.

The holiday season is going to be here all too soon, and we’re very excited to have more room to serve hungry families, especially the children.

HH&RC is   located at 556 Deinhard in McCall. To get there, go east on Deinhard past Les Schwab. At the County Courthouse Annex, turn right.  HH&RC is directly across from the McCall recycling center.

Hours for the food bank are Wednesday 4:00 to 6:00. Donations can be dropped off at the center in the donation box on the side. For  help or further information,  call 634-3037.

Thank You For Giving!

Thanks to everyone who participated in Idaho Gives yesterday and who gave to us.  We are always grateful for your supporting Heartland Hunger & Resource Center and for your continued faith in us.

It’s great to see the response. The Manchester Ice Rink  was a pretty busy place as people came in and out to see what was going on, to visit the various tables set up and to chat with one another. The highlight was the Human Slingshot /bowling event on the ice. We didn’t win any prize money but our Laura definitely went the farthest – right into the back wall! She’s already excited for next year and figuring out the best tactics for winning.

It is very encouraging to see how the local non profits have come together in the last two years. We all have different interests and ideas, but the spirit of cooperation, fellowship  and community well being is growing and strong. Well done AVIC! It’s been  fun .

Friede Gabbert




Idaho Gives on May 1. Will You?

Idaho Gives logoHave you seen the signs around town saying  “Idaho Gives,  Will You? Are you  wondering what they mean?  Tomorrow, May 1 is the second year of HH&RC participating in Idaho Gives. This is a statewide, on-line giving event to non profits. There will be a lot of activities going on in McCall at the Manchester Ice Center, beginning at 2:00: tables, information, banners, and demonstrations about  the  different outreaches in Valley and Adams Counties. A special menu is available at the restaurant.  Computer stations and technologically savvy people will be available to help those  who want to donate.

At 5:00 there will be a Human Slingshot competition for first second and third prizes. Thank you to the businesses which are donating $50o,  $250 and $100 for the event. Twelve brave people  from twelve organizations have volunteered to see who can knock down the most pins on the ice and go the farthest.  Come join us and encourage your friends to participate. It’s all for good causes.

Click here for Idaho Gives promo

In other news,  the building on Deinhard  is taking shape very quickly. The weather is conducive at last and today,  I visited with Marc and the the framers who are  busy raising the  sides.   I don’t know who is more thrilled, Marc or me? Finally, our dream is being realized.

We’re asking people to consider donating tomorrow to  help toward the building project or for Heartland Kids or Woodstock. On- line donations can also be matched and win additional prizes through the Idaho Non Profit Center .

Building in Progress




February: It’s Winter Again

It was really cold last night, below zero when the sun went down. I am glad we had the propane heater set up outside while families were waiting to come in.

In the new building, there will be  a covered waiting area, as well as a room inside. One of my dreams is to have a video player set up  for those who are waiting with educational DVD’s, especially for the kids. There are many old Sesame Street segments about eating healthy food, exercise,  counting rhymes. Like  Lady Bug’s Picnic. Anyone remember that?   It doesn’t get any better than that!

As winter rolls in again and  32 states are struggling with  ice and snow, we’re fortunate to have snow. Winter Carnival drew record crowds, the ski area’s busy and hotels are filled.  The storms that hamper much of the rest of the country are God sends for mountain resorts like McCall. It  means more people are working and although much of the work is seasonal and part time, that is a good thing.

Still, the food pantry has been very busy with high numbers of new clients signed up in January. We’re often the safety net for families, especially during the long McCall winters .



Delivered: 18 boxes of diapers – in large cardboard containers ( Tom)
Delivered: Two large boxes of   bread. ( Karen)


Delivered produce in banana boxes (7 or 8?) from local grocery store (Verla)
Delivered 32  gallons of  milk (Seventh Day Adventist Church)
Delivered:  250 pounds of hamburger – in 5 cardboard boxes (Friede)
Delivered:  bags to Seniors  (Jerry)

Break down  cardboard. .

 3:00  Stock shelves

4:00  – 5:00
Youth Group  Volunteers arrive.
3 More Volunteers come to help.
2 More Volunteers. Thanks, but we’re o.k. Too crowded.
Open  up food bank for clients.
Break down diaper boxes and more cardboard. Fill up office floor space.
Serve majority  of Families.
Delivered:  box of books for children. (McCall Public Library)
Add emptied box to growing  stack of cardboard.
Abandon office. Cardboard wins.
Delivered: huge bags of pillows/sheets from local hotel. Throw them on top of cardboard mountain which collapses , spreading  like an oil slick in  front of   spare freezer in office.


Find relative safety at desk & chair .
Sign Up 4 new clients:  three pleasant, one  challenging..

5:15 – 6:00
Serve rest of  Families. Total for night over  50.
Give a hug or two. Speak Spanish.  Attempt  conversations with texting generation. Try to put names with faces.
Hold 5 day old baby!
Release tired Volunteers.
Load up 1/2 of recycling.


Close Up Food Bank.
Leave instructions for Youth Group.
Please  recycle!
Remote start my car.


Tip toe very gingerly over   rutted ice field to car.
Pray. Thank  God no one slipped  on the ice.
Instead of warm car, trunk’s popped open.  Wrong button. Again.
Grumble and mutter.
Drive home to  supportive  husband  and waiting dinner.


Write silly summary of today.
Thank God for  all the blessings.

Breaking down cardboard is an ongoing challenge.

Breaking down cardboard is an ongoing challenge.

Youth Volunteers At Work

Youth Volunteers At Work

Books Donated by McCall Library

Books Donated by McCall Library


“2014 – Another Year of Serving ”

Happy New Year to all our volunteers, supporters and friends who help  Heartland Hunger & Resource Center.

It’s already the second week of January, 2014. We have been very busy  during  the  last months of 2013 providing  families with holiday baskets for Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as  food each week.

One of the highlights of December was handing out  gifts for the children. For several years now,  Santa’s helper Lynn McLin has organized this event and distributes the gifts  through the McCall Fire & EMS. Thanks to the generosity of churches and individuals, well over 100 children who had signed up received pajamas, socks and a book. In addition, we were able to give out “extras” – toys, books, clothing – for children whose families showed up at the firehouse, needing a Christmas  something for their kids.  . What a wonderful, cooperative effort it was!

Even though this year the holidays fell on Wednesday, our normal day to be open,   we made the decision to stay open. The volunteers who served on Christmas Day say that it was truly the best present  – for them –  because the clients were  so appreciative.  There were a lot of tears  of joy. It is for this  we’ve been called to serve, no matter what time, day or season.

The choice pantry has been operating since September and is very well received. Our clients like the freedom of taking what they can really use for their families.  Even though it’s crowded in our facility,  the children help their parents shop or they browse through books on the KidsShelf.  Our volunteers like the closer   relationships with the clients and hearing their stories.  I have to wonder why i t took me personally  so long to make the change and    can only attribute it to a less than perfect attitude  toward something which was untried. Sometimes, doing the same old becomes stultifying. And boring. And boring leads to uninspired complacency.  Seeing how” choice”  positively affects both families and volunteers, I was dead wrong.

Looking forward into this year, we build on the successes and mistakes of the last 13 years, even as new opportunities to serve come. Hopefully, we’ll  be moving to  our new building by fall and will probably do so in stages so that the food bank does not need to be closed at any time.   The needs of children are of particular interest for   HH&RC,  as is  getting healthier food, fresher produce and more  meat  for families.

It is exciting to be a part of  a community which works to help each  another. All of us at HH&RC  commit to helping  food insecure families this year to the best of our abilities.

Being blessed by this community we want to bless everyone   who comes  for help, “no matter what their reason for coming is.”




Trick Or Treat For Hunger

The Girl Scouts of Silver Sage Council are planning to Trick or Treat for Hunger on Wednesday, October 30th. The girls have asked local businesses and community organizations to set up food donation centers to collect non-perishable food items for Heartland Hunger and Resource Center. The girls decorated donation boxes and delivered them to all participating locations this past week. Now the girls need your help to get the boxes full. On October 30th, the girls will be out in full force in the downtown McCall area, dressed in costumes and pulling wagons to collect the donated food.

Donations can be dropped off during business hours at the following locations:



Idaho First Bank

Chamber of Commerce

Hotel McCall

Printshop McCall

Huckleberry Garden

Century 21

McCall Public Library

City of McCall

Additionally, October is Beans month for Heartland Hunger and they are asking specifically for donations of chili, pork and beans, canned beans and bean soups in addition to all other non-perishable food items. They are also requesting less quick fix meals and more nutritious staples such as unsweetened cereals, pasta, soups, peanut butter and jelly, rice, and canned fruits. They are also in need of donations of toilet paper.

Any questions regarding this event can be directed to Troop 416 Leader Katie Morgan. She can be reached at 208-315-4106.

A Busy Fall

September came and went very quickly. We were so blessed with donations, progress on the new building and great help.  It’s the unexpected things  which make “food banking” a  joy to help –  like a truckload of corn donated be a friend in Middleton.; like our youth group which stocked and  cleaned  after hours; like the words of appreciation shown for the choice pantry

It’s been a beautiful fall here in McCall. The trees have displayed themselves unabashedly in vivid oranges, yellows and gold.  Maine and Vermont, it’s not all pines and desert in Idaho !It is a good time to reflect and be thankful for all our  community support. We could not continue without you!

1,200 ears of corn, more or less. What abundance.

Mountain Life Church Youth Volunteers

The Choice Pantry. A Better Way to Help.

Soon the holidays will be here. We’re already planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets, as well as the Christmas gifts for children of our clients. Last year we served well over 100 local families for each holiday with food for traditional meals.